Sunday, July 29, 2012

Update 1 - short - but more to follow

Sorry I have been away the past few weeks - I finished up work and thought I would have more time on my hands home with the kids, but turns out I have a lot less :-) Trips to the beach, Bunratty Castle and catching up with friends has been dominating my time. I will get some more proper updates up later this week. These are some photos from a few weeks ago - will have more up to date ones uploaded then.

The weather also hasn't helped - think it has been a record July for rainfall so far in Ireland - and thats saying something!!

Onions are starting to swell

First carrot and beetroot picked at start of July
Potatoes and peas growing nicely start of July

Strawberry plant producing runners since start of July

Saturday, July 28, 2012


Picked my first peas today, delicious, but all that shelling is too much like hard work. Anyone any quick tips for shelling them? Growing petit pois so loads of small peas.