Why do it?

I am an amateur gardener with a love of the great outdoors and all the joys and trials it brings! We built a house and moved in 3 years ago, and spring 2012 we finally got around to starting the veg plot. We have 5 raised beds and also another area for growing. Also doing up a few shrub beds, wildflower garden. I will update with various ramblings as to my progress - what succeeds, what doesn't on both the veg plot and the raised beds. This garden is on the west coast of Ireland in County Clare - a beautiful spot but can be quiet wet. Some lovely heritage and old walls and buildings around which you will see in the background of some of my photos.

Some people ask - why grow your own - so much easier hand over a few quid and have a load of lovely fresh veg, so much time and effort to grow your own. They are right except for in some cases the fresh bit(so many of the veg we see in shops are from places like broccoli from Kenya, mangetout from Senegal, carrots from Guatemala). Its also scary how quick your own grown vegetables go off compared to store bought - you just have to wonder how many preservatives they have been sprayed with to get them to keep fresh for so long.

I garden simply because I enjoy it. The fact that part of my gardening gives me lovely vegetables and fruit is only a bonus. Some garden because they love the fresh fruit and veg, some garden out of necessity ( cheaper growing your own), but most garden because they love it!

I love almost all aspects of gardening - just wish it wasn't such a hardship on my knees and back, but nothing like the greatest joy in producing your own food, smelling your own flowers or just simply relaxing and enjoying the view while listening to the birds and bees.

This blog is a log primarily for myself so that I can document things that worked well, what didn't, what I tried differently and if any bits help anyone else, then all the better! Gardening is also about sharing - though sometimes we wish we didn't have to share so much with the wildlife including slugs, snails etc.

This is a video of a walk around the site at the end of May 2012 for those interested - just click below.
Video of site

My husband is a great help to me in the garden - doing a lot of the hard landscaping and moving of large amounts of soil etc. My two young children love to help too - though that may not always be a benefit to the plants they are trying to "help".

Please feel free to leave comments or feedback or if indeed you can offer any advice - its always considered! Thanks for taking the time to visit and I do hope you call back soon and keep up with the updates.

I have just started a facebook page for those of you on facebook that wish to track the blog updates and also for any comments/feedback or general discussions.