Friday, June 15, 2012

The good, the bad and the aphids!

Very stormy weather last night and today, but managed to get a quick look out at the patch this morning where I discovered the good, the bad and the aphids!

Was delighted to find my first cauliflower curd had appeared overnight - looks nice and healthy too. I had began to worry that it was a cabbage plant ( as I had bought them as plug plants) and I thought the label might have been put on wrong, but happy to report all is good! We don't eat much cabbage in our family.

Also my Purple sprouting broccoli has been growing very well (on sitting room window, will put outside in the greenhouse when this bad weather goes away) - only one of the seeds didn't germinate.

The bad was my pumpkins getting snapped by the wind - didn't think they would be affected as they are so low to the ground to begin with - just shows how bad the weather was overnight. If I had known I would have put a mini cloche over them. Wonder if its too late to try sowing another batch - I knew I should have kept one on standby!

On my second cauliflower curd I discovered some aphids - will have to get out my washing up liquid mix now to get rid of them. How did they find it - when I didn't even know the curd was there - nature is always one step ahead!!

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