Friday, June 22, 2012


Well the weather (again!!!) has changed for the worse here. Only managed a few snaps and essential work in between the heavy showers. Apologies to those of you in drier climates - I would send you our rain if I could - really!!!

The book that has me hooked at the moment is "The Polytunnel Book" by Joyce Russell - I so want a polytunnel, but reckon that its at least 2 years away for my garden. However, its good to read up and study about which types etc and what and when to plant. The book is a great guide and reference for all experience levels and has a handy month by month guide. Its going onto my recommended books very soon!

Salix Nishiki

This is one of my favourite trees for small gardens or small spaces. It doesn't grow much bigger that when you buy it height wise, but will lengthen and thicken up the branches and foliage wonderfully. All new leaves on the tree ( note it is deciduous) start off white/pale pink and then turn to variegated green as they age. Makes the tree look like it is flowering constantly from spring right through till the end of summer.

Ominous dark clouds approaching - hmm - think its time to head for cover! Any photos of sun appreciated - not looking likely we will see it anytime soon! Managed to get another spray in to prevent Blight in between the showers - seems to be a lot of blight around due to the wet and warm weather we are having here.

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