Thursday, June 14, 2012

Feature wall started and stopped!

Finally got our contractor to arrive on site to start the wall for our name plate. Unfortunately good weather is a distant memory - see below for current forecast for Ireland. Just started raining here and loads more promised - I am in the West of Ireland but usually share our weather with the South. Looks like it will be Saturday afternoon before I will make it back into the garden :-(

Thursday, 14 June, 2012

ALERT continued for heavy rain and strong winds, generally 30-60 mms of rain next two days and winds gusting to 55-60 mph in exposed coastal and upland locations, 35-50 mph in more sheltered locations.

THURSDAY ... Cloudy to start although perhaps a few brief sunny breaks in the north. Rain spreading into the south with winds steadily increasing there to reach SE 35-60 mph by late in the day. Further north, winds E-NE at 15-30 mph at first, rising to 25-45 mph later. Rainfalls to midnight likely to reach about 20 mms south, 10 mms central and 5 mms north. Highest temperatures around 15 C north, 11-13 C south, feeling raw there in the stronger winds.

Comments: The storm will be elongated and rainfall may break into a pattern of strong and weak bands, so final results will be highly dependent on luck of the draw but the peak rainfall amounts should be roughly Wicklow to south Laois to inland Cork-Kerry. Wind gusts will also tend to come and go in waves as a system like this often forms a number of separate energy centres.

THURSDAY NIGHT-FRIDAY ... Rain continuing, windy (ESE to ENE 30-50 mph) and some local flooding, further rainfalls 20-40 mms heaviest inland south. Temperatures steady 11-13 C but rising to near 15 C in southeast late Friday, as milder air seeps in, with fog over hills in south.

SATURDAY ... Early morning wind and rain should ease before mid-day then a few breaks in decreasing northerly winds, starting out 25-45 mph then easing to 15-30 mph later, showers becoming more isolated, highs near 14 C.

SUNDAY ... Variable cloud, showers, highs 15-17 C.

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