Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Some images of how my Alliums are growing that I ordered at the Irish Bloom festival last year.
Bloom in the park
Unfortunately I didn't make it back to Bloom this year. Such amazing sights and smells there at Bloom. Also a great place to get some garden ideas.


The bees just love the alliums. They are an expensive bulb to buy but I got a good deal in Bloom last year. They will multiply in the ground and every few years you can dig them up and distribute to other parts of the garden.

As part of the pack they also included about 10 of this bulb - its also a allium, but I have no idea what variety - please let me know if you do. Its beautiful and about 3 ft tall. I love the way the flowers hang down on the flower head. I have the perfect spot for them for next year in my new shrub beds that have only been created this year.

There were also these ones which haven't flowered yet - flower heads look very small and they have been growing above ground since Jan. They nearly got pulled up a few months ago when the tulips had appeared and flowered while these were still growing. Looking forward to seeing what produces - will keep you informed. Currently they are about 2 1/2 feet tall - have them planted in three places in the bed inside the gate.


  1. Your alliums looks stunning. I had some from tescos and I was pleased with the results for what I paid for them but yours are really lovely Niamh. X

  2. Thanks Maggie - they are one of my favourite summer flowering blubs - only loved more by the bees!