Monday, June 11, 2012

Rain and wind damage

We had some horrendous rain last week here in Ireland - this was one shot I managed to get between the heavy rain showers! Big lugs of water around the site which did manage to disappear over the weekend.

Between the heavy rain and the strong winds, even the spuds (potatoes) took a good battering. This is one of the down sides of growing the potatoes in raised beds - they are a good bit higher up than they would be in normal beds.

This was the potatoes about 2 weeks ago and they had grown a lot before the rain and wind did the damage!

One thing that blossomed during the rain was the strawberries - looking even more healthy - but not probably good for the fruit - which is the reason you do grow them!

Slugs and snails abounded during the wet weather. Got out when I could to help prevent more damage - very glad I had the slug traps in place. Unfortunately the wet weather is promised continue this week - but on the positive side, that means we will only have to water the tomatoes and chilli's in the greenhouse. I really have to invest in some water butts for next year - just the budget doesn't strech to it this year.

As always - click on any of the photos to see them in larger format.