Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Another pick

Finally got to pick something other than my lettuce and radishes at the weekend. There was the broccoli which I had a post on  (click here), but also got to pick my second batch of rhubarb at the weekend. This was a pleasant change - I can't wait to pick more veg - patience is a virtue that I need more of !

As I wasn't planning on using the rhubarb straight away ( which would be what I would normally do), I tried freezing it. I had never done this before ( I followed advice from Piers Warren book "How to store your garden produce"), but it was so simple that I think I will try again later on in the year.

The difference compared to freezing the broccoli, is that there is no blanching needed ( it can be preformed if you wish to keep the vibrant colour) - all you need to do is chop into usable sized pieces and freeze (similar to the broccoli - I stacked mine individually initially and then bagged them up when frozen).

Also below is a photo of the potatoes that had the blight (just started on the leaves) in the pot - very small, but after boiling for about 10 mins, they were delicious! So tender.


  1. Phew! You got there just in time with the potatoes - well done! Which variety are they?

  2. They are Maris Peer I think - yes - was just in time! Blight had only been on them at most a couple of days. Cheers Niamh.

  3. - moderately resistant to blight according to the above site.