Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Using Seaweed as fertilizer

Strawberry bed with new seaweed addition

I was away on my holidays in Lahinch Co. Clare and decided to bring back a bit of the beach with me. I have been reading for years on the benefits of seaweed fertilizer so I decided to give it a go.

Some of the benefits of Seaweed fertilizer:
  • Saves water, keeps soil moist at ground level
  • Eliminates the need to weed
  • Repels slugs and other pests
  • Enriches the soil
  • Boosts lethargic plants
  • Helps lighten the soil
  • Does not contain weed seeds, unlike bark mulch

 I collected 3 bags of seaweed once the tide had gone out. I put those bags of seaweed on 2 of my strawberry beds (as they have just finished fruiting) -  the other I left to do another day, please don't leave seaweed for any length in bags, the stench a day later is intolerable! 

Lahinch beach with the tide in

I had always read how quickly it composts down, but couldn't believe the changes in just a week - see photos below. What was a good mulching of about 4 inches was reduced down to powdery thin covering. I can see now why they recommend doing 2 coverings. Now I just need to head back to the beach.

After one week
Close up

Some links I found useful details about using seaweed as fertilizer:


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