Thursday, May 10, 2012

The beginings till now on the veg plot and raised beds

Ok, here are some of the different stages from what we started with to where we are now.

These first four are from Feb this year

This is the main view from the gap in the wall at the front of the house.

This was the first raised bed built. We used 6 scaffolding planks which gives us an 8x4ft bed. We lined the base of the raised bed with cardboard to reduce the amount of weeds that will grown up through the bed. The cardboard will break down over time. We also lined the inside of the beds with plastic ( not shown in the photos) to reduce the amount of moisture hitting the inside of the boards so they might last an extra year or two before rotting.
We also decided to paint each of the beds some bright colours.

This was the mound of earth we had left over from our build. We used it to fill the beds along with homegrown and store bought compost. We used the remainder in the new flower beds.

This next photo is from April where we have the rough outline of the path. All the beds are in place and painted up and some even planted up!

The outline was a great idea until the mini digger started and the line was gone in mins. Still though I don't think we got it too far wrong.

Great when you have a load of helpers! At the end of the path we have the hardcore down for a nice stone circle - just waiting for the lovely people in Roadstone to deliver it!

Path is now completed - thankfully - great to be able to get down to the beds without trailing muck in around the place. Also made a start on the flower beds either side of the path.
In the background I have the peas potatoes and onions down ( the latter two planted a bit late due to waiting for all the other to complete).

Will update with more details on all thats growing shortly and more detailed photos!

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