Thursday, May 31, 2012

Normal service resumed

The wet weather is back here in Ireland - was too good to last. Ah well, that was our summer - nice while it lasted I suppose :-) Still at least now the garden had a good soaking last night (and its still continuing!).

The warmth and the rain are making it ideal for Blight on both Potatoes and Tomatoes.

Great article on potato blight

Watch out for this ( image from the above site which was credited to Wikipedia) on the leaves of your potato and tomato plants ( as tomatoes are part of the potato family which makes them also susceptible).

On the good news front - Met Eireann ( The Irish Meteorological Service) have produced average temperatures for Ireland over the past 30 years and where I am based is up at the top of the chart!

Source - Irish Average Temp 1981-2010

Was down in Cork Tuesday evening and took a walk in by UCC. Saw these lovely trees hanging over the offshoot of the River Lee and I thought I would share them with you. They aren't great quality as taken from my phone but it was just so peaceful there watching the water go by.

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